so i guess this is it for stampede this year. today is officially the last day and i don’t get to be there which  i was expecting to be much more upsetting than it actually is. instead i get to relax by a fire in venice, bike by an empty dark beach, and potentially have pink berry to end off a great night. i say potentially because i AM also trying to be responsible (ie. no desert past 6pm)… oh and did i mention opening ceremony and american rag <3 this year the stampede has surpassed my expectations ten fold. i am already a big fan and yet i was actually sad to see it end. with my assignment for fashion i was so pleasantly surprised to get all these great individual styles right at home. it all came and went so fast but not without amazing events to start it all off. old navy threw a cocktail party at model milk to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the stampede together with a contemporary take on the classic denim bar. i ended the night happy with a new pair of rockstar skinnies that i much coveted together with an extreme appetite for all the amazing food served (blackberry lemonade… need i say more?). be sure to check out bizento’s write up on the event HERE. i will be back sporadically during the week, but i am actually working on a couple of things for the blog here in la so i hope it all turns out so i can share with you. xoxo

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  1. Great photos as usual. Can’t wait for your return!

  2. Your photos of Stampede Style were amazing! You did a lovely job Ania.

    xo Ashley

  3. Hi Ania, so I decided to go through my Fellow Canadian Bloggers list: and came across this, I adore your photos, oh my! They’re beautiful! Sounds like you’re having an exciting summer! I would love to go to Venice, lucky you! (& go to a stampede haha!)

    Hope you’re having a lovely week!! Keep smiling!

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