here is it. the first of my two instalments on stampede street style (or more so street style during stampede) for FASHION magazine. i was hesitant whether i will be able to gather enough material for a substantial post but after editing over 200 photos it looks like a great set from the first weekend out to the grounds. when the time calls for more ‘traditional’ stampede gear i won’t have problem finding the right people, but i was looking for something more unique and i think that the turn out was pretty amazing. by far the best part of the stampede has got to be the indian village out at the grounds. seeing all the first nations people in their colourful and, some, elaborate costumes is really inspiring. makes you wish we had more opportunities to be around that beautiful culture. stay tuned for the next post later in the week. for those of you who came to my blog in search for your photo and have not seen it yet make sure to check out the fashion magazine blog (CLICK HERE) and my always trusty facebook page. xoxo

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