zara blouse, bdg jeans, lammles boots & collar tips, h&m bangle
this was the outfit i submitted for the core stampede style contest, it’s stampede now, creeped on me faster than i originally thought (when this post was titled ‘stampede comes early’ ha!). it seems fitting now that i post it, however, stampede in full speed, i people watched all day getting in the spirit of things, looking for some style on the streets for fashion and general interest. i might be mia for the next couple of days trying to get in as much as possible. la is only one week away now and i have yet to strategically prepare my suitcase so that coming back home my luggage doesn’t have to be over the weight limit… there are things i need to get away from here at home and a clear mind awaits me in venice. xoxo

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  1. rewelacja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Maya says:

    Lovely outfit and the photography is fabulous. Such a great setting.

  3. EmerJa says:

    Amazing shirt and the pictures are awesome!!

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