today is unofficially the first day of stampede, with the sneak-a-peak night just hours away and white tents going up all over the city, but right after canada day we were seeing a ton of events already taking place. old navy hosted a denim bar at model milk (more on that later) and sophia models partnered with the calgary core to put on a couple of stampede geared fashion shows. both of which i was scheduled to take part in, however, life got in the way of that (and life definitely has a name, which i will not mention here), regardless i think i came out on top,instead, getting in the trenches and taking some photos of my friends. the july 3rd show had serene weasel traveller of the peigan nation from southern alberta showing her designs, the beautiful native american patterns that i am so in love with as of late were the anchor for the show. not to mention the guns of the golden west association coloring the building all things cowboy (seriously, though where do i sign up…). i have been nostalgic like this for the last couple of days, mainly because of my dad, who is obsessed with the western american culture, pulling out his old cliff richard and ricky nelson albums (a little post wild west i know) acting as the soundtrack to my existence. the second show at stephen avenue mall preceded the announcement of the big winner of the stampede style contest run by the core as well as a showing of some local ‘celebrities’ sporting contemporary western style. and here i will end before i depart on a mega rant. mama always said, ‘if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all’, this is the strategy by which i unfortunately run my blog… for now. BUT amazing job to all the models and the hair and makeup team for both of the shows. and lastly big news for me, fashion magazine asked me to document calgary’s street style for the duration of the greatest outdoor show on earth. the next ten days will prove to be quite interesting i am sure. i am determined to make calgary look stylish, and finally have a say at what that REALLY means! so yee-haw! to that. xoxo
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  1. Schmer says:

    Ach! I adore that set from Serene Weasel Traveller! Amaze.

  2. VCG says:

    I love your blog! is great, since right now I follow you!
    invited to stay stop by mine and if you want to help me grow!


  3. Anonymous says:

    We are always looking for new members, shooting or not…

    Great photos by the way.

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