american apparel oversized blouse, topshop shorts, zara bag, alexander wang boots
i feel kind of bad that i didn’t do a post for canada day but somehow end up making one for 4th of july. but i’ve been saving to post this just for today so here it is. these shorts remind me of a pair that my cousin used to own in the 80s, which i thought were the most hideous things (or course that was when i was into my little pony and spice girls…). also who remembers the day when alexander wang actually made desirable things, these boots have gotten amazing wear and are still a favorite in my closet *sigh* those were the days. as the americans celebrate their independance day here at home we are all getting geared up for the 100th anniversary of the stampede. there are loads of events this week alone and a day off on friday. free vacation, the best kind. xoxo

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  2. I love all these pictures!!you are really pretty!

  3. Martha says:

    awoooo!!! i love your pictures!!!


  4. these are so so beautiful! xx

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