it was great to go out tonight and take some good old fashioned people photos. we all know of course how difficult it is to get quality street style around here, so when i was told about the sled island collaboration with the hifi club on this block party in the upcoming east village (and by the water front nonetheless) i put my exhaustion from working long hours this week aside and headed down to the party. you would know it wasn’t a fantastical event if i wasn’t blogging about it the night of. i saw some amazing people and heard some wicked new music (thank you small town djs, but in the end thanks to a couple of good friends who regularly attend the whole dj scene). and the trends? i think it’s safe to say neon is king. can i also just say HELLO CALGARY, can we have more events like these, especially during these short summer months. how amazing to spend an evening outside, listen to some great music and watch some great people (and hugs for and by everyone). and how about those bike path closures (june may be bike month… in 2013), i’m still waiting to do some well deserved cardio. dancing will suffice for now… i leave you with the james curd remix that, yes, i shazamed today while in public. sounds pretty good to me. xoxo

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