remember the times when you went to an event and rushed home just to upload photos to your blog because you were so wound up with the excitement of it all? i do, those times seem to be very few and far in between anymore, but tonight is such a night. a local designer furniture store, domicile opened a sibling pop up shop, sit. open until october, sit caters to the young professionals who don’t have all the money to spend but who want to live in style… naturally that would be us all (big sigh). sit has been collaborating with local artists over the last few months and hosting events in their space to facilitate community growth. i have been to two of these events so far, and so far it’s a 100% success rate. maybe it’s something about the space, or maybe these are just some amazingly organized individuals in tune with what the public thirsts for. caitlin power was the guest designer at tonights’ event, showing pieces from her fall 2012 collection, wetting our appetites for her sample sale with park this saturday (click here for more info on this weekend’s event). the show was an installation more than a runway presentation, with the models lining up together in a formation before leaving the floor. the live music, the models and the crowd all exceeded my wildest expectations. tonight held all these elements that used to get me excited about blogging. and so i am staying up editing and writing because it’s something i do not want to sit around (pun not intended). sit is having a summer filled with more exciting events, including a show by the high performance rodeo and another fashion collaboration with haithem elkadiki. for more information and to stay updated on all of those visit their blog i don’t recommend missing any of them. xoxo

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