it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen, it’s like entering another world. all of a sudden nothing seems out of place or weird or in any way like it doesn’t fit in. everyone is allowed to nerd out. even if the word nerd no longer seems in any way offensive or undesirable (how many times have you used it as a way to exaggerate your obsession with something or other) there is no shame in it at the calgary expo. after this years event it seems like calgary finally achieved greatness in something other than rodeos and oil extraction. so yea, too bad it’s nothing to do with fashion BUT it may actually find it’s place among world class events like the san diego comic con, and even those who are not even slightly interested in comics know what that is. as to the future of the expo, the word is going around to bring the cast of star wars, and who knows, down the line, maybe even panels and previews to yet unreleased engagements. all i know is my heart started beating really fast and it felt great. we rubbed shoulders with lance henriksen (aka bishop of the alien fame) and brent spinner (data from star trek next generation), saw patrick stewart and james marsters, got transported (click here for photographical evidence) and bought a ton of comic books. there was an usual turn of events this year for the expo. with the fire marshal shutting down the premises due to fire code violations, the lineups the following day were counting tens of thousands of people, going around three to four blocks and back again. so thank you calgary expo for hosting and giving us the opportunity to experience yet another great year with superheros and fanatics alike. next year, i’m dressing up, and that’s a fact. for those interested in attending next year’s expo visit xoxo
*visit page for more photos*

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