caitlin power f/w 2012 coat, zara tank, h&m denim shirt, bdg jeans, oak nyc fringe clutch, jeffrey campbell shoes
i have been religiously checking h&m for this mesh tank that i have seen in their magazine. if you know calgary very well you know that the h&m here has a long way to go to equate what we all see internationally (bummer!), yet i have been hoping BUT clearly calgary has been deprived of the mesh privilege, that or the word is out that we are the coldest place on earth. i satisfy myself until then with my love of shoes. these jeffrey campbells, however didn’t seem to last me too long. one night of dancing the you can view the results after the jump (the ones of you who follow me on instagram @aniab would have already seen them). it just has not been my week. also i say, i would make an excellent product critic, let me tell you i am not easily impressed. are you looking forward to the weekend as much as i am? xoxo

a couple of hours dancing and an unfortunate slip later:

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  1. AY GAL says:

    Hi ya i just started following your blog cos i think its just fab. Defo check out mine i think you’d enjoy it to. its all about fashion and, music,embracing your inner beauty ……………………and being totally fierce lol

  2. You should complain to JC – no saying for sure that they’ll do anything but it doesn’t hurt to try. Might also help to complain to the company you bought em from.

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