STYLIST #1: ania b.
STYLIST #2: karleen samson
STYLIST #3: kara chomistek
what a day friday has been. i showed up to the shoot early, the keener that i am, to make sure that my pull was complete and that i had all the items i needed in place. there was a lot of set up, in the end it worked out perfect that i came when i did. we started with hair and makeup, got robyn (imodels) dressed and got to work, there was two shots for every look, one straight on and one lay-down (for the winner’s billboard). it was a pleasure working with the whole team. my outfit, for those of you interested in an early taste (top photo): judith & charles leather top, guess by marciano silk patterned blouse, true religion jeans, nine west shoes, colar tips and bolero from lammles and cuffs from michael kors, all of course, from chinook centre. the common item we all had to use was a scarf from scotch & soda (not the bandanna we all originally predicted) which made it tricky to style. what threw me off was planning my outfit without considering the scarf, when i later had to come up with a way to use it, i was stumped, the size of the thing made it impossible not to make it a substantial part of the outfit. i ended up tying it around robyn’s waist as a skirt, creating additional layers, karleen put hers around the models’ neck and kara stuffed it in the bag she used.  the day flew by. karleen and kara got their looks all in and now it’s up to the people to decide the winner. of course what kind of a full day at the mall would it be without an amazing find. i scored a black leather mini dress (like the one robyn is wearing in karleen’s look), on sale at the gap for only $99! a pat on the back is in order. you will be able to start voting as of march 28th on the chinook facebook page: so make sure to check out all our interviews and looks (of course i am sure to also remind you, a million and one times).
meanwhile, visit MY facebook page for the complete behind the scenes of the stylists’ looks and more photos.

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