yes, stampede is a good couple of months away still, yet tomorrow you can come have a little taste of it at chinook centre at the grand court (ie directly across from abercrombie & fitch *disclaimer: this is NOT an ad for abercrombie & fitch and i am not trying to make it one by repeatedly typing ‘abercrombie & fitch’*. it has been a couple of weeks since the last style-off and it’s time to make good use of all these new store arrivals again. i am super pumped (yes totally just said pumped) for this event tomorrow. we get an amazing team comprising of colin way (photographer), teslin ward (hair & makeup) and robyn urlacher (model) to work with us throughout the day. there will be three of us styling including myself, kara chomistek from park and karleen samson who works with aritzia, so all together amazing people and a great time. i should also say that at first the concept of stampede style scared me until i realized that i actually regularly obsess over all things cowboys and indians, after looking around for some inspiration i don’t think i could have landed on a more perfect theme <3 the shoot will be open for the public to see throughout the day so make sure to check out the following times and come cheer us on:
STYLIST 1: Hair: 10.30am, Wardrobe: 11.15am, Shoot 12pm
STYLIST 2: Hair: 2pm, Wardrobe: 2.30pm, Shoot: 3pm
STYLIST 3: Hair: 4pm, Wardrobe: 4.30pm, Shoot: 5pm

p.s. i may or may not be stylist #1,  also watch for regular updates from the day on my instagram (@aniab) and twitter (@ania_boniecka) accounts

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  1. Leah says:

    Good luck! I will be voting for you so make it good! Also, we don’t live in the USA so we don’t say Indians. First nations, if you please. Xo!

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