fashion month so far has been such a bust for me, apart from helmut lang i have not seen anything that caught my eye in the slightest. even the usual suspects disappointed. alexander wang was boxy and stiff and watching the live stream of prada didn’t exactly inspire me either, not that prada ever has that effect on me to begin with BUT there was just nothing. i feel the only advantage of being left out of the invitation lists for the fashion week shows is the ability to speak your mind without limitations. so here i am > most boring fashion week EVER, and fall for god’s sake! tsk tsk. the one collection that blew them all out of the water for me, mostly because usually it doesn’t, was topshop unique. let’s also remember that i am speaking here strictly from my personal point of view and taste level. i am sizing up these clothes as if i could actually afford and wear them… so topshop you won my heart, i love nearly every single piece from this collection. we have yet to see paris, and givenchy has been giving me heart palpitations for the last couple of seasons so it’s possible still i will be changing my mind. for now this is the verdict. cheers and have a good rest of the weekend. xoxo

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  1. Cristina L says:

    Fashion week is stressing! Especially bcuz you have to attend or see 4 week of shows and catwalk…and isn’t easy stay focused on everything 😉

  2. Wow, these outfits really look great!:D So much inspiration in them!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


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