club monaco t-shirt, vintage leather jacket, ya los angelas pants, and vintage shoes
top shop jacket, t by alexander wang t-shirt, and vintage velvet skirt
zara jacket
zara leather jacket, aurel schmidt for opening ceremony t-shirt, and zara skirt
trying to catch myself up with some work, school and everything in between. i feel bad i have been away from my class for the last two weeks, but life happened. never complaining. just have to stay motivated and do everything on my own time. hope you like julia’s photos. i’d kill for her face <3 she is in her last year at acad and has a couple of shows coming up toward the end of this semester. i will be posting more info as it comes. i have to say i really don’t mind surrounding myself with all these creative people, if anyone can inspire you to see the world in a different way… well i’m just thankful i get to participate.
visit my for more photos of julia. xoxo

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  1. reviews says:

    really like the furry zara jacket:)

  2. Coralie says:

    Love all the outfits !

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  3. kira says:

    Love the feathers

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