calgary? is that you? as to the exact details of the existance of this blog i am not sure. i did however find it, and i know that the photos on are the product of a local photographer (ruzz?) who i have never met. while the blog itself could use some cleaning up, the photos are beautiful, somehow they transform calgary into a city full of life and fair size, through their energy. i want to be able to take photos like these, it seems like the resources never run out. be sure to check it out, add it to your favorites and like his facebook page, let’s keep the man motivated to take more. xoxo
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  1. megan says:

    so glad you linked this Ania! Its nice to see our city with a bit of life and beauty. There are lots of cities that are much more spectacular than this one but I think people are harder than her than she deserves! haha.

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