here’s the deal: in early january a local mall organized a style off for some of the city’s better known stylists. the theme was ‘the death of winter’. i was asked to participate in the project which i had to decline because of la. my friend jennie lyle stepped in and created a fun spring look worthy of her title. the rules dictated that each stylist incorporate a garden hose into their shot. in my personal opinion jennie’s use of the prop was the most creative and the most un-disturbing of the original object. the look itself also showed a great use of spring colors and patterns, a job that i could have not done better no matter how hard i tried (hello! spring vs. the queen of black, white and grey… there is also always the possibility i would dress my model in head to toe zara).
the voting for the best look has begun, we have UNTIL JANUARY 25th to help jennie win. the winner get’s their photo used for the mall’s spring campaign billboards (not to mention the sheer and sweet satisfaction of winning itself).
so let’s help jennie win this thing and help fashion justice be had! this is something i should have done during the holts muse contest with holt renfrew. i am instead now campaigning for my friend and so that we can really say and be proud of the taste level this city possesses. please please let’s all help each other <3 i am more than passionate about this cause. jennie has been an amazing friend and an even better stylist 😉 it’s her hard work that goes into the majority of shoots that i post on my blog, it’s her passion that helps me obsess over clothes and her style that inspires me on a daily basis. you could say we wouldn’t be where we are without this fabulous girl.

the voting has ended, thank you all for your support <3

ps. i would really make this post flash and glitter and make a ton of noise if i only knew how

hello! yellow! has anybody seen images from the rodarte dinner at chateau marmont (click here) SO on trend! <3 love!

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  1. Thank you so much ania b! your support was so apprciated and without you I wouldnt have been able to get over 1000 votes!!! you rocked this for me! <3 much love!

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