between christmas, new years, and the preparations of moving into a brand new condo, i have had an extremely busy month! but as things finally settle down I am able once again to share some great music with you lovely people. this track has been floating around for a couple weeks now but it’s just TOO good not to share. better late than never right? sleigh bells came around just over 3 years ago in kind of a funny way. as the story goes, derek miller (formerly of poison the well) was waiting tables at a local restaurant when he happened to meet alexis krauss and her mother. he had mentioned in passing that he was looking for a vocalist for a new project he was working on and it was krauss’ mother who volunteered her for the gig. just like that, we got sleigh bells. after a very hyped ep, the duo released ‘treats’ in 2010. it was well received by critics everywhere and songs from the album showed up in television, on commercials, and on numerous ‘best of the year’ lists while the band became big attractions on the festival circuit. after a short break post-coachella 2011, they started work on their follow-up album ‘reign of terror’. the thing i’ve always enjoyed about sleigh bells is that while alexis is in charge of vocals, derek creates every other sound heard on each song, and the duo stay true to that in their live show. the sophomore album is set for release on february 21st, so pay attention! and while you wait, here’s the first single (minus any sort of awe inspiring video, unfortunately).

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