these are so so sooooo overdue. december was madness and i had absolutely zero time to allow me to post anything of substance. i know how it sounds and i feel i shouldn’t even admit it. i did have plenty of time to shop and might have even outdone myself. it was a crazy month. it’s a new year now and time for fresh beginnings, a LOT of changes are on my mind. i have been thinking of moving away and been playing around with a couple of places, i have been emotionally drained and inspired, i have gone through ups and downs like i have never experienced in my life before. maybe that’s what i’ve been missing out on through all this time trying to be ‘responsible’, life is to be had after all. despite all this i managed to have the most amazing past couple of months, meeting new people, nurturing the already solid relationships, being present and available for anything and everything and most importantly saying no to nothing. it’s worked out quite well so far, since school has been over i have not had any concrete goals, i have just been focusing on what i like to do but i think it’s time, as my new years resolution to make some plans and make life happen the way it is supposed to.
these images are from the november uptown 17th shows put on by local restaurants and boutiques (remember primitive and borgo here), the last of the bunch was leo boutique, carrying lines like acne, complex geometries and most recently opening ceremony it lends itself to be one of the more high ends boutiques in the city, it’s track record is amazing and it’s been around ever since i can remember. many thanks to leah van loon for inviting us bloggers to the events week after week and providing us with perfect conditions to take beautiful pictures, my favourite has been this last set up with a very vintage modern background of the restaurant foyer.  all makeup for the show was done by my dear jordan reimer, make SURE you check out his blog, the things these boys come up with are amazingly entertaining to read and inspirational. sadly he is leaving us for montreal at the end of this week, making it harder to deal with being in this city than ever. we will all miss him and garrett so so much, but be sure to stick around till at least may when all the havock is about to be unleashed with a group visit to montreal.
you can see more photos from the leo show on my page and vincent’s blog as well as his tribute to the two greatest gays calgary has ever seen <3 xoxo

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