here are some of my favourite photos taken on this past usa trip. surprisingly they have nothing to do with fashion, they are just plan landscapes. i wish to have spent a week in vegas alone walking though the streets taking photos of the sadness that has become of that city. not to mention the creepy small american towns worthy of horror films, mid century modern and of course my favourite sight of all, the palm tree <3


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  1. AL says:

    beautiful photos. dream trip !

    pozdr. AL / Alice! wake up!

  2. Sandy Joe says:

    Stunning I love vintage neon signs.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  3. These are all really great Ania. How nice to see sunny landscapes when everything’s started to get so dreary ’round here.

  4. natalie says:

    wow! it seems like you really enjoy this trip huh which can be shown at your results. I love the last picture it looks like grey or the old model of black and white color picture but its definitely beautiful. graphic design maryborough

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