t.babaton top, zara vest, helmut lang jeans, aldo wedges, david yurman & aldo rings, michael kors bag
am a little behind with posting. these were taken on christmas day. the streets were deserted and we’ve had no snow almost all month of december… the word had it that it was supposed to be the coldest winter (*knock on wood*), things change, i know first hand. which works great in every respect anyway. tomorrow is already the 31st. what a year it’s been. i would like to not dwell in the past, however, and focus on things to come. i am most looking forward to some long awaited rest. i feel like i could sleep for days. i surrendered my holt renfrew discount card today (for the better good of the wallet, unfortunate for the economy). back to the mall for this one starting 2012. somehow i doubt i’ll have difficulty finding things to obsess over. i also have had some requests to increase the size of my font, so i apologize to those who have been struggling to read my text, i feel it’s a very image based blog to begin with but of course am more than thrilled that people actually care what i have to say. so thank you so much every single one of you for a great year, i would not be doing this if not for the readers (and viewers). by the way has anyone heard of nico robin? i was told today that she would be my anime doppelganger. somehow i find it very flattering to be compared to a cartoon (it could be worse, but then again i could also be sailor saturn <3). xoxo

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  1. aaagata says:

    piekna Aniu jestes, uwielbiam twoje stylizacje ever ! dobrego duzo w nowym roku!

  2. Marzena says:

    Cudownie ! Jak zawsze z resztą ! Pozdrawiam i życzę Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku !

    Pozdrawiam !

  3. Wow, you look awsome!!:D I love your vest!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia’s Little Corner

  4. Anonymous says:

    twoja fryzura pasuje do Ciebie idealnie. wow!

  5. Annika says:

    Jesteś niesamowita. Przeglądnęłam właśnie dużą część Twojego bloga, Twoje stroje są świetnie dobrane i inspirujące. I uwielbiam Twoją fryzurę. 🙂

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