club monaco hat, h&m skirt, zara leather jacket, top shop boots, vince tank, guess by marciano scarf
just a couple of random, unrelated thoughts: this may be the first time where every piece that i am wearing is from a different place. complete work overload. i am so excited to have a day off. january 3rd i am off to la, so will have nothing but time to take photos and update posts. i have some exciting creative projects happening before i go and a million and one things on my mind. sometimes i wish i could share with you all the aspects of my personal life, if anyone is ever looking for some soap opera material you now know where to look. my friend aidan got into some illustrating and made this for me for the post. pretty good if i may say so myself. i will try to engage him more often. i am so glad to be surrounded by all these wonderful people, if there is ever a good time to be grateful, christmas would be it. it’s such a funny time of the year, so many things are ending and so many are just finding their beginning. every year i go through the same thought process, it seems, but every year i forget about the past, too focused on things to come, this year i never want things to end. there is something in the air, i’m not the only one who can feel it. on that ominous note… xoxo

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  1. Tracey Quo says:

    You look fantastic, but your Your font is too tiny 🙁

  2. Aidan V. says:

    😀 awesome Ania! I look forward to doing many more creative projects in the future!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really love these photos! they are some of the best you have posted in awhile. (they remind me of the photos you were posting in the summer) Always so stylish with your outfits… ps love the hat!

  4. Justyna says:

    your face is epic…. love this!

  5. Aiment vraiment cette tenue et vos cheveux sont tellement magnifique

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