the last couple of years have been pretty interesting for trent reznor. rising to some level of fame for his project nine inch nails, reznor found success in an industrial formula through the 90’s, which moved to a more electronic focus during the last decade. in 2009, he put nine inch nails on the backburner and decided to shift his attention to other things, and what came of that shift in artistic direction was the phenomenal score for the movie ‘the social network’. i’m in the camp that thinks the movie was good but that the soundtrack was the one thing pushing it to great. trent reznor (along with atticus ross) won an oscar for the score, and rightfully so, but it was what they might do next that seemed to generate the most interest. that question was answered quite a while ago, and now we finally have the finished product of their collaboration, the score to the american remake of ‘the girl with the dragon tattoo’. it’s not too often that i’ll sit here and talk about how great the score to a movie is, but sometimes they are so essential to the feeling and internal ‘beat’ of a film that they need to stand on their own. i remember watching ‘badlands’ for the first time and realizing just how important background noise could be in a film. this soundtrack continues that trend. i haven’t seen the film yet, so hey, maybe i’m wrong? but if the soundtrack is of any indication (as it was with the social network) it will surely take whatever the director has produced and elevate it to the next level of greatness. check out the trailer below, backed by a cover of ‘immigrant song’ featuring karen o – straight off the soundtrack.

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    This movie looks AMAZING!…. and sexy too 🙂

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