childish gambino, a.k.a. donald glover, a.k.a the guy who played troy on nbc’s “community” has absolutely taken me by surprise. since starting on community two years ago, the guy has made millions of people laugh through both his role on the show and his wonderful stand-up career (check it out if you ever get the chance). surprised, then, is the perfect word to use when i heard he was releasing an album. at first i thought it might be a joke, or at least a bit silly, but there is nothing silly about it. what i found instead was deep, clever, and at times profoundly intelligent album that only an equally intelligent man could write. the dialogue is refreshing, honest, and even funny, but funny in a way that someone like lil wayne WISH they could be. when he’s being cliche, he’s not afraid to be the first one to tell you so. as someone who doesn’t find myself attracted to rap and hip/hop in much of any way, it takes a scary good album to make me listen, and this album is just that. the album is called “camp”. go get it.

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