back in 2010 at the calgary folk fest, i had the opportunity to catch a performance by annie clark, an artist i very much enjoy who goes under the name st.vincent. clark (a former member of the polyphonic spree and sufjan stevens’ band) is a berklee dropout from texas who says her stage name is in reference to “a place where poetry comes to die.” i had randomly purchased her first album when it was released back in 2007 and after her second album came out, i was VERY excited for this performance. to my elation, my girlfriend and i both got the opportunity to briefly meet and have a quick photo with her a few hours before the show. she was wonderfully kind (as most artists at folk fests seem to be) and it only made me like her more. her set was something else all-together. it was louder and more abrasive than anything before or after during that day, but still carried with it her own brand of sweetness. either way, i was ecstatic about the entire day. fast forward a year or so and now we’re ready for her brand new album entitled “strange mercy,” and all i can say is that it is undoubtedly the greatest yet. it’s upbeat when it wants to be, creepy when it can be, and includes a wide range of instruments and textures without ever seeming mismatched or out of place. it’s more fantastic music from a talented musician and a very pleasant person. check out the video for “cruel” below.

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  1. i see for the first time and j’adore!

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