i do try my best as often as possible to talk about music that is more upbeat, but sometimes i just can’t help myself. this is one of those times. i caught lana del rey’s song “video games” on a radio station a few weeks ago and i have had it firmly lodged inside my head ever since. i don’t know what it is exactly but something about this song is both comfortable and heart breaking at the same time. it’s a love song of sorts though it certainly doesn’t FEEL like one. i’m not going to muck it up by trying to over explain it, just take a listen and hopefully it strikes you in just the same way it struck me.

ania’s edit: it doesn’t hurt that she is so gorgeous too! i was excited when tyler sent me this video because i was JUST listening to it myself, though i totally heard about it from a much less legitimate source, even though still inspiring. i follow chloe moretz of kick ass fame on twitter @chloegmoretz and she mentioned lana. in my defence (not that i need any) if there is any tween to admire it’s chloe, she is THE coolest, hello HIT GIRL <3. anyway, i also added an extra video for your viewing pleasure, because I love both songs and i, myself can not pick one over the other.


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  1. LOVE HER!! 🙂


  2. I totaly adore that girl. I posted also about her a few days ago. Her songs are amazing. Kill Kill

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