topshop shirt and high waisted shorts
… we have top shop now in calgary. this would mark us the 4th city in north america to get top shop (?) this fact has not been checked but i was under the distinct impression that new york might have been the only city in the us to get this store. calgary would be one of the only three cities in canada (vancouver and toronto being the other two) that now has it too (this IS a fact). we can thank the new bay owners for that feat. the official launch will not happen until october sometime, for now we can only have a little taste of things to come. last saturday, the morning of the soft opening, i was at the bay downtown excited to see the topshop brand finally on home soil. this would mean that we will have a topshop before we even have a decent h&m trend line in this city, which in a way is a complete paradox. either way i was beyond pleased with what they brought in so far and definitely anxious to see more. go check out the bay downtown on the third level for your own topshop experience.


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