for whatever reason in the music world, i seem to be blessed (or cursed) that when a new album from a band i quite like is released, it’s almost always in the fall. this fall is of course no different, with albums from st.vincent, beirut, zola jesus, and the like. there is one album however that i am immensely excited for above all others, and that is los campesinos’ “hello sadness.” i have had a very soft spot in my heart for them ever since hearing their very first release, which was probably one of the best 4 or 5 song EPs i have ever listened to (no joke). from there, they may have changed, but they have failed to disappoint. with every new release they talk about how much dark material has gone into the album, and every time i prepare myself for a sleeper. this however, is never the case. every album is full of fun, intelligent music not made to be taken all-to-seriously. their latest comes out november 14th, so please, check it out. and hey, if you love them as much as i do yourself a favor a pre-order the album from their website, you get some cool swag and the album will be at your door before the 14th. below is the first track of the album, and its a lovely hand clappin’ crowd chanter. love it!

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