i have been rather terrible with updating my shop blog (, it seemed like an amazing idea until i realized how much time i have to input into taking photos of the product, after all i can’t expect people to buy the clothes based on my word. i would still like to continue with it, before winter ends there will be many more entires i promise. time is only on my side from now on. an opportunity presented itself, however, for me to attend the 2011 parksale, happening next weekend on the university grounds, and even though i vowed never to step my foot at that treacherous school ever again (more so haskayne) i am swallowing my pride and setting up shop for the day. technically i don’t have to go inside anyway. so if you have next saturday free do stop by, help support my shopping addiction and contribute to my alexander wang fund, i will be selling most of my stuff for $10 per piece, with a few exceptions (like leathers and brand new, unworn items). here are all the details:

Similarly to previous years, PARKSALE is a FREE event for both artists and the community. Vendors will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis. All artists and designers are welcome to participate. To keep this event free vendors must supply their own booths/tables and are responsible for cleaning up their booths at the end of the day. 
Saturday September 10, 2011

University of Calgary, North Campus(Green Space between Engineering and ICT) 
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Free Admission

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