i have walked the streets of calgary for a good part of the summer. maybe until i got my new car (with the new car smell and everything it’s hard to walk places right now) but i have had a very difficult time finding well dressed people just out and about at odd (or regular) hours of the day. after shooting garrett i realized i will have to look harder. stylish people all have jobs it seems, they don’t have time to wander around hoping for a blogger to notice them. this isn’t new york. so i started looking for them everywhere else. i saw shelby working the fitting room at aritzia. the first thing that got my eye was the pixie haircut. of course something i always wanted but would never be able to pull off. shockingly, belive it or not, it is harder to pursuade a stranger to agree to take photos for your blog than it seems. shelby is also an acad student, majoring in sculpture, which is perfect because i am obsessed with that school (i have an acad inspired project in the works for to view more of shelby’s work visit xoxo

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  1. AL says:

    very nice 😉

    xoxo AL

  2. Cristina L says:

    she’s so pretty. WE have got the same hair cut 😀

  3. Just found your blog, and i love it! I’m following!
    hope you like my blog too!

    p.s where did you get these lovely shoes from the first photo?

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