hey there fine friends. first off, just wanted to thank ania for the lovely introduction, i will try to live up to the kind words! but let’s get right to it shall we? over the foreseeable future i’m going to try my best to throw out some pretty super music to tickle your ear lobes with. i’ll do my best to make the bands fun, interesting, and just plain DELICIOUS. that is, if delicious is how you like your tunes of course. first up (or second if you count my little tidbit on middle brother) is the canadian band called austra. it’s primarily the hard work of three very talented women, led by front woman katie stelmanis. the thing that gets me most has to be that katie is a classically trained opera musician and you can absolutely tell. i don’t know why but i am just a complete sucker for classically trained musicians that make their mark in other genres. austra definitely has an electronic vibe, but there is also flashes of new wave in there, and that voice just wraps it all in a bow. while i have to admit that i found their debut album a little bit ‘one note’, i will also admit that it was a very good note and that i’d be happy to have it on repeat. there were two songs i wanted to show you guys (both with fantastic videos) but i went with ‘lose it’. if you like it and feel the inclination for another taste, check out ‘beat and the pulse’. another great song, another unique video. <3 T

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  1. Aidan V. says:

    sweet, she sounds great! i love to hear a classically trained voice in pop music.

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