in my search for a more fulfilled youth i decided i will be going dancing a lot more often. i walked past a poster for the chromeo show on 17th avenue last week and got a couple of tickets straight away. the show last year was so so good i would gladly go every single time they are in town. 2011 was not as satisfying for me personally, i felt not only did the show take a while to start but also the energy was just not there. the band more than made up for it towards the end of the set with two step and needy girl (my personal favourite) but the highlight was our brief twitter exchange, and that’s how you know i am a total social media geek. overall the night was a success, i ended up taking loads of people photos, surprisingly not meeting with a single refusal or even hesitation. not contributing this entirely to alcohol but drunk people may not be as bad as i thought. the show really attracted some amazing styles and personalities. i mean i should probably find out where they all hang out so i can actually live it, not just document it. more photos on my facebook page. xoxo

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  1. Fajne zdjęcia – ostatnie jest rewelacyjne!

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