for those of you who are following the conversation between me and my readers, under the last post i did on my trip to poland i received a lot of comments regarding the depiction of poland as a poor, post communist country, many people did not seem to be happy with this portrayal. i hope that the first couple of photos from this post make them see i am free of bias. this is my favourite set. apart from spotting an elle fanning lookalike (who may be a boy), danny monroe finally makes it to my blog (7th photo from the top). this 16 year old boy inspired me so much during the sophia models international model search and what more, he made it all the way to the top 10 finalists, i could hardly contain my excitement (i actually stayed for the final night just to cheer him on). stay on the lookout because i will make sure to snap some more photos of danny before he jets off to new york to become a superstar <3

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  1. These photos are awesome Ania! And OMG what a cutie Danny is – he’s got a fantastic look!


  2. AL says:

    amazing! ♥ AL ♥ ♥

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