you might have been wondering where i was for the last, oh, 4 days. well, the calgary stampede has officially begun and i have been busy up to my elbows trying to juggle work at the office, blogging and working the shows at the stampede grounds. i always love being a part of the stampede, this is the time of the year when the city comes to life, people let loose and things actually happen for a change. basically it is an amazing opportunity for me to go out and take some photos. i have been trying to figure out my new camera, which is proving to be a process (nothing i can’t handle). i will go ahead and say this straight away: i will encourage everyone to come down and watch sophia models international fashion shows sponsored by bench, scotch and soda and town shoes. jennifer lyle did a fabulous job styling the shows, and we have some amazing models, the whole team is making the experience irresistible. with enough encouragement even the male models give 110% and we are loving it. while there, you can also enter our model search and get an opportunity to meet amazing scouts from all over the world. i originally started my modelling career at the stampede shows and it was through one of those searches that i went on to sign with img models worldwide. i was originally only going to post photos of our models wearing some of the clothes from the show (because what is better than a bunch of beautiful people wearing some fun outfits), but i stuck around the midway for a while tonight and snapped some other worthy ones i’d like to share with you. the stampede also proved to be quite the cultural experience for me this year, so far i have seen a tibetan monk and a traditional sudanese dress and it’s only been three days and i haven’t even been trying to find people yet. i’ll  make the next one all about cowboys and indians for contrast. models in order of appearance: nastassia, colton, carucha, victoria, jerica and claire, all wearing scotch & soda. all styling by jennie lyle
edit: shows are at 1:30, 3:30 and 5:30 daily, every second day there is also a show at 7:00 PM
edit #2: i’ve been staring at this post for over four days now and it didn’t work for me with all the random photos. i shall re post the others at a later date when the feeling is right.

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  1. Maddy says:

    Śliczne zdjęcia 🙂

  2. cuksowa says:

    świetne zdjęcia!

  3. s says:

    very nice pics…. I want to go there ;D


  4. Lilylove says:

    jej, jacy świetni ludzie!

  5. KasiaKinga says:

    dziewczyny mają takie same buty ? 😀


  6. miikax3 says:

    uwielbiam zaglądać na Twojego bloga 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fugoy and Nacho say: giddy up!

  8. Ania B says:

    KasiaKIngs: dziewczyny maja wszystkie takie same buty bo wszystkie stroje sa czescia pokazu mody na stampedzie 🙂

  9. OMG ANIA!! I LOVE THIS!! You’re quite the photographer miss. I love how you took the shots of the models in contrast with the craziness of the stampede. SO so inspiring. Gosh girl you always have me ready to just whip out my paints and create.

    Meag xx

  10. Justyna says:

    aw! how lovely! my brother just moved there….

  11. Amazing photos, Ania! You def rocked the show! x

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