on the way to work one day, we overheard on the radio a story of a newly opened doughnut shop that sells gourmet doughnuts, rob’s attention was immediately tickled when a maple bacon doughnut the size of a babies head was mentioned. not being much of a sweet tooth i only took note of the fact the shop was not even a full two blocks away from work. a couple of weeks went by and i started hearing more and more of jelly modern doughnuts, and finally my brother brought some for everyone at the office (this would be at the NEW office so there was only 3 of us). the doughnuts were delicious, one in particular stroke my taste buds in ways i didn’t know existed. it was filled with fresh strawberries and this delicious custard filling, it looked like a pastry, not a doughnut, but most importantly, like all the rest of them it LOOKED amazing. when was the last time you ate something beautiful you wanted to take a photo of  right away? ok so maybe it happens more than i thought, but it also just so happens that every time, i eat it in rushed anticipation and the photo never materializes, much like with jelly doughnuts, but this time what changed was that i was inspired enough to go into the shop and take photos of all they’ve got instead. the restaurant itself is truly of modern design, all the way down to their packaging, the staff is friendly and critically speaking (not that i am much of a food critic) i give the place all the possible stars, what is that 3 (out of 3) or 5 (out of 5)… or two thumbs up… you get the idea. what jelly’s got that you won’t find other places is their dedication to locally grown products as well as local involvement in charitable causes. doughnuts are preservative free and all the extras at days end go to the calgary food bank. every month jelly chooses a charity to support, flying doctors of canada and inn from the cold have been the two charities thus far in the 6 weeks the shop has been opened. you can book parties or corporate events, buy gifts and get some jelly catering, the most exciting part of it all? they aren’t stopping at doughnuts, yummy sandwiches are making their way to the menu, and i can vouch that they are the most delicious things you will ever taste. i was never a fan of brie and now i am. check out their website for hours and more information: 
interior photo of jelly modern courtesy of jelly modern doughnuts

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  1. omg wow!! they look delish! love the shop layout and the packaging too!!


  2. OMG bacon + doughnuts? I’m in trouble!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fat Fugoy and Greasy Nacho say: two chubby thumbs up, Up! UP! UPUPUP baby! MMM must get one tomorrow 🙂 (how does one do a fat smiley face???)

  4. s says:

    Oh yuum yum ;D

    FASHION NEWS: Carine ROITFELD create new Magazine

  5. miikax3 says:

    pyszności 🙂 mmm..

  6. Aż ślinka cieknie 🙂

  7. Ruda says:

    ojej ojej ojej jak pyszeni! 🙂


  8. zahra says:

    YUM. There goes my diet…

    By the way, I’m so glad to have finally stumbled upon a great Calgary blog (it took forever). You’re amazing!

  9. There will soon be new player on the scene. Mountain Rhino Donuts. Incredible flavour. Everyone says it is the best donut they have ever had. Will be opening soon. Keep a look out!!!

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