(zara leather jacket, t by alexander wang shirt dress, h&m leggings, alexander wang boots, lowlov by erin wasson ring)

the light was different at every angle so naturally not a single photo looks like another. i’ve been having the most ridiculously busy time back ever since i returned from my vacation. i’m not even sure what end to grab on to first. i will one day remember these days as great but at the moment they are nothing but stressful. i was going to pick up my new avenue today, but again, there was not enough time for everything. will make sure to do that tomorrow. i have been obsessed with street style lately and really want to get out there and snap some photos of the cool kids around here, i would have been out there last weekend if not for the weather (it’s been raining everyday… of course… what’s new). to satisfy myself for the time being i went out and got the sartorialist, facehunter and nylon street style books, if for no other reason than inspiration. xoxo

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  1. Hope says:

    Love those cut-out boots…you look gorgeous!!


  2. NESSTYLE says:

    polowałam kiedyś na takie legginsy, kiedy już je zdobyłam, uznałam, że to nie dla mnie… Ty wyglądasz w nich świetnie!

  3. s says:

    I want your shoes ;)))

    STREET STYLE: The Blonde Salad @ Paris

  4. Polka dot. says:

    Wyglądasz super- kurtka jest nieziemska! Buty od Wanga są same w sobie piękne, ale jednak kolorystycznie mi do tego zestawu nie pasują- za bardzo się oddzielają od legginsów. πŸ™‚

    Polka dot.

  5. charlotte says:

    Eh marzę o tych butach πŸ™‚

  6. Boskie buty ! jestem nimi zachwycona πŸ™‚

  7. miikax3 says:

    o mój Boże! toż to jest wspaniała stylizacja!

  8. świetna kurtka i leginsy

  9. Anonymous says:

    Fugoy sees green. Fugoy has seen these shoes before…Wander where? hmmm…

  10. Ann. says:

    beautiful styling! I envy leggings:)

    I invite you to

    πŸ™‚ Kiss

  11. Lola says:

    I love your style…but I have to ask…what is the the scowl/pouting? It is something I have never understood…

  12. Ania B. says:

    Lola, that would be the model in me. I have hated smiling ever since I started at age 14. I’m not sure if it’s an every model thing. It’s just me and my insecurities πŸ™

  13. Anonymous says:

    Jest dosyć późno, więc zdążyłam przejrzeć tylko kilka stron Twojego bloga, i pierwsze, co mi się nasuwa to to, że robisz wspaniałe zdjęcia πŸ™‚ Takie żywe, dynamiczne i pełne kolorów, do tego super skadrowane. Podziwiam i kibicuję w dalszym rozwoju kariery fotografa πŸ˜‰



  15. great blog , I’m a fan of your vintage inspirations, happy to follow here ! very cute !

  16. Joanna says:

    super kurtka πŸ˜‰ marzyłam o takiej πŸ˜‰

  17. SOPHIE says:

    Those Alexander Wang boots are just to die for! Love your blog, can’t wait to see more! Xx.

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