celebrating its five year anniversary, joe fresh made calgary his home for a new flagship store which will open to the public first thing tomorrow morning and i had the pleasure of attending the launch party tonight at the crossiron mills location. for those of you who are not familiar with joe fresh, it is the canadian equivalent to all the affordable designers that are being sold across mass market chains, like tesco in europe, target in the us, (walmart is trying to get them) and loblaws (superstore in the west) has joe. joe fresh has been making way to expand beyond the supermarkets and so far has been stirring up some notable attention, most recently with opening its doors to a store on broadway in new york city, neighbouring with another canadian chain, aritzia. not bad for a country of 30 million people. it’s always good to support amazing brands that not only are doing well for themselves but also foster our love for affordable fashion. i know joe is a welcome addition to the city’s growing fashion destinations. more than the store, joe himself seemed to be quite the hot commodity, but it was his shoes that had everyone talking. it’s always hard for me to take photos at these events but with all the beautiful people and gorgeous merchandising it is hard to walk past a great photo op. also loving miss alicja’s new bad ass look <3 cheers. xoxo

some more photos from the event, courtesy of phil crozier for joe fresh

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  1. EevvaStyle says:

    rewelacyjnie wyglądasz!

  2. s says:

    Great pics….


  3. magic says:

    aniu, jestes przesliczna! :)))))

  4. Sandy Joe says:

    I had no idea it has already been 5 years! Great photos, especially love the perfect fold sweater shelves.

    x The Pretty Secrets

  5. Fela says:

    I have to go and check out their new store!

    Looks like you had lots of fun 🙂

  6. Brava nice coverage Miss Ania!! I spotted that Aritzia store on the corner of Broadway and Spring back in January and it had me all sorts of excited. Your coverage as always is phenomenal. Talk about hot commodity, you missy are one hot commodity.

    Meag xx

  7. love. fav post thus far. you look gorgeous. so casual.

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