photo by jason eng
pompoms peeko apparel 
photos & styling by leah van loon
we like we love #7 is finally out and i am so happy to see all the hard work we have been doing paying off. the shoot i did with leah in the change rooms of an undisclosed location with her iphone have been a work in progress for quite some time, every weekend going in with a different wig to make the photos more dynamic and interesting, literally sneaking around. it was so much fun and i really recommend it to all the girls in love with clothes. it also makes for the perfect blogging material. i have loads of outtakes so keep checking back to see the unused images. the cover of the issue happened by complete fluke. brook fung from peeko apparel lent us some accessories to shoot a beauty story with, we didn’t really have a plan, there was no makeup, we decided to put baby oil on my face (which didn’t even end up showing). kristin page came to do the hair and we just went at it. i had the biggest migraine of my life that day, after alyssa from wlwl asked me to send my contributor photo i asked jason if i can send this one, because i really suck at ‘real life’ (the mannequin i have slowly become) and she ended up using it for the cover, so happy accidents happen after all. i hope you love it as much as we do. view the entire issue HERE.

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