my obsession with people has officially reached its high in warszawa. when traveling with other people, a problem always arises when someone wants to do something else. i say to hell with it. go your own way and see what you want to see…. that’s how i ended up walking back and forth around the main square, mainly because i didn’t know where else to go (as you may have remembered i only bought the guide to the city right before i left, because that makes perfect sense (!)) but i loved it anyway. i could have sat at the entrance to the metro all day and stared at the people going in and out. the metro station at city centre is really a testament to how alive the city really is. the people pour out like water. if you say that warszawa is in full bloom, szczecin in comparison, is dying *tear*. i went shopping but nothing new here, the usual suspects for me: zara and h&m (with a much better trend section than calgary may i add) and an amazing media store called empik, north american bookstores have nothing on this chain, they carry everything from books to music and movies, games and office supplies, not entirely in the way you assume office supplies to be (they have nici and diddle here, and only those who have experienced the joys of nici and diddle will know what i’m talking about). what drives me crazy, and i do not understand is that many polish girls wear nude coloured tights under everything (shorts, skirts and even long pants)… what’s up with THAT?! by the look of my super sophisticated street style photos you will also see they are into scarves… and sunglasses…. people in warszawa seem to read them fashion magazines. lots of history again. the walls of the warsaw ghetto, together with memorials scattered all over the city in memoriam of those who died during the uprising of 1944. we visited the museum of the warsaw uprising, again two days was just not enough for this visit, the museum itself requires one full day’s attention. it is AMAZING! for history buffs (like rob) this place is a gold mine, it’s fully interactive, you listen to people over telephone receivers, watch movies and even collect daily calendar pages of the entire 63 days of the uprising, all materials are original and fully accessible. we only had a chance to do a run through (literally) but as i don’t even like museums this one really deserves a category of its own. if you are in warsaw you HAVE to go. either way, this place has got me hooked.

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  1. The museum of the Warsaw Uprising is amazing, I went there last summer with my mom, and I’m so glad I did 🙂 Glad yo hear you loved Warszawa, it’s one of my favourites too 🙂

  2. Justyna says:

    i miss polska so much!!! hope you’re having a blast!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fugoy wears nude colour tights under everything too – what’s wrong with that??? Fugoy likes to keep cozy and warm 🙂 Fugoy is changing spanish name from lopez to nacho effective now.

  4. Pszczoła says:

    lanseeerzy haha 🙂

  5. Ania B says:

    lanserzy? ale to nie w zlym znaczeniu? swietne tematy do fotografowania, jak co to ja popieram 100% 🙂

  6. Ania B says:

    haha usmialam sie jak to przeczytalam:

  7. Polka dot. says:

    Wciąż z podziwem patrzę na to, jak ludzie spoza Warszawy potrafią uchwycić jej piękno. Wszystkie te miejsca, które fotografujesz znam przecież na pamięć, w niektórych bywam codziennie, a mimo to nigdy nie mam czasu, by na chwilę stanąć i zrobić zdjęcie, które jednocześnie nie będzie w moim odczuciu powieleniem czyjegoś pomysłu. A tu widzę świeżość, zupełnie inne spojrzenie na moje miasto. Niesamowita sprawa. 🙂

    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do siebie,
    Polka dot.

  8. Anna ♥ says:

    świetne są te zdjęcia!

    Anna ♥

  9. xiaoyao xu says:

    again, great pictures! i know the fascinating feeling sitting there and watching people, and i admire you for walking to random people and snapping streetstyle photos!xo

  10. Beautiful Ania!! I was so happy to see your little message on my blog today. I’ve been thinking of you so much lately and wondering how you’re making out in your travels. I can’t wait for your email update and I’m loving all of your street style snapshots. Yes I’m FINALLY a graduate (again hehe) and so relieved that my OPT was approved. I will be staying in NY until at least Nov 2012 and can’t wait for your next visit!! Enjoy your adventures darling girl, sending you lots of love xoxo

  11. i missed out so much! your photos are amazing, ania! love <3

  12. aaagata says:

    piekne uchwyty momentow !

  13. almaa. says:

    świetne zdjęcia, ludzie których sfotografowałaś, prezentują się genialnie!

  14. It looks like such an awesome city and WOW I love the style – hope you had a great trip!


  15. Anonymous says:

    Next time you will have to visit Mokotowska Street for shopping!

  16. Mandy says:

    Really cool photos! More places I need to visit! Please visit and perhaps follow my blog…

    xoxoxo Mandy

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