i needed a cheap watch to take with me to poland, since i am not risking my phone bill and leaving my phone at home i need some way to tell time, and what better solution than swiss watch technology. these plastic color watches have been popping up everywhere and i thought this was a great opportunity to get one. ideally i wanted to find a double strap but apparently those are obsolete in calgary (we don’t have a good place to buy watches here, nor do we have a swatch store). it’s mid month now and you know what that means, visa clears and new purchases can be made. i am so looking forward to all my new arrivals. xoxo

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is nice B but does it have a light?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fugoy says: Amazing! Wonderful! Breathtaking! Superterrific! Swiss! Pink! Awesome! Great! Cool!

  3. Helena says:

    Och,też się zastanawiałam nad którymś z tych zegarków (jeno rozbielonym z podwójnym paskiem właśnie) pod kontem ołpenera.
    A kiedy śliczna do Polski zawita? Mogłabyś na październikowy fashion week jako celebrity zza oceanu,haa!
    Ładnie sfotografowane swoją drogą

  4. Magda says:

    mam w planach zakup takiego miętowego 🙂

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