(xxi top & skirt, zara boots, alexander wang bag, house of harlow 1960 bangles)
oh yea and happy mother’s day. my mum is always away at this time of year so i usually wait until the polish date to celebrate, though i get off easy. my mum isn’t big on gifts, it’s all about the love. that’s defiantly not the kind of mother i am planning on being. rob will have to buy the gifts for mother’s day until my child gets a job at least, haha, as you can see motherhood is not my calling. this has been a catch up weekend for me, we have caught up on movies and sleep most importantly. my spa day is scheduled for this wednesday and on tuesday i booked an appearance on bt to talk about bellissima and alberta fashion week, which sadly i will be missing due to my impromptu visit to poland. i feel that even though busy time is now over i have to catch up on everything else that took the back seat, it never ends, but i am not complaining, i don’t even know what i would do if i didn’t have a million and one things on the go. xoxo

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  1. anna. says:

    świetnie wyglądasz.
    świetne zdjęcie.


    C M O K !

  2. s says:

    very nice look ;D

    Street Style :

  3. miikax3 says:

    Jesteś niewiarygodna! Każda Twoja stylizacje jest w 100% w moim guście! Kocham Twoje stylizacje i będę to powtarzać w nieskończoność!

    jesteś jedną z najlepszych blogerek na świecie! 😉

  4. LeSimple says:


  5. Cute outfit Ania! I’ll be sure to catch you on BT, that’s so awesome!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Fugoy noticed: Great Background!!!!

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