this is completely earth shattering news for me, because i just get so excited about stuff like that but seriously look at these shorts! i just went to the singer22 site to look at some of the jeans i am about to review and these are on full display. i may be one of the last people who has seen them (maybe not) but i am freaking out! i want a pair so bad (too bad i just booked my poland flight because now i can’t just go ahead and buy a $150 pair of shorts) but look at the studs! and OMG the american flag one! aaaaaaa *angels singing* where were you on our american road trip! so good! think about me when you purchase your pair because i think everyone should have these. <3

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  1. JudY says:

    Hey! I just visited the runwaydreamz site like a week ago or so, and wanted to buy one pair, but i am not sure which one yet. I must also check how much is the shipping cost to Poland, but they’re my must have for summer! I hope u’ll buy some pair too, they’re stunning!:)

  2. Ishawi says:

    I’ll made the shorts like the 1st in your post! Thanks $ gr8 inspiration!

  3. Ruda says:

    te pierwsze – och i ach!


  4. how amazing are they!! died when i seen them on singer too! i want all of them!!!


  5. Lilylove says:

    widziałam je i od razu się zakochałam!

  6. Świetne te spodenki:-)

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