i am the furthest from loving underwear (in the sense that women are usually expected to be obsessed over underwear…??). regardless, i am in love with this set that i received after my ck job last night at the motionball event. the lingerie was beautiful, as ck always seems to be. the crowd was loving every second of it, the women going especially crazy over the boys in briefs… as usual. i am disappointed i missed the performance by shawn deman (oh yeeeea!), it would have been quite hilarious to watch as i am totally, and unsuccessfully, closeting my love with his latest song. i have searched high and low for photos from the show, unfortunately not everyone is such a hyper updater like me. rob really needs to consider assisting me full time. fabricated finally took place and i have loads to share with you, it’s kind of a shame at the same time because what will we be looking forward to now? it seems after a week long of parties, events and openings it might just as well be ghost town around here… maybe spring will grace us with her presence finally? guess you can’t have it all. xoxo

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    Hey, did you check out the pics on the motionball website?

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