(zara leather jacket and shoes, h&m oversized shirt and leggings, jennifer zeuner necklace)
the weekend is here! i honestly thought i never see the day. i was so busy everyday from 8am to midnight that the time just felt like it stood still. i love being busy but this was a little crazy. with the madness that is work, staring at the computer all day, having a million and one things to deal with the work that came extra was especially exhausting. but i made it and i can’t wait to sleep in and let those eyes regenerate. it’ll have to wait till tomorrow though. tonight is the fabricated event which everyone has been waiting for, it will be great to see everything from the venue to the fashions to the people. if you  are looking for more information in hopes to attend the even visit their facebook page here. i have yet to decide what to wear, perhaps a browse at zara wouldn’t hurt, or maybe better yet one through my own closet. after going to the h&m event this burgundy shit has been on my mind. i got one just like it in new york in a lighter colour, but this shade totally sold me on this one. i went back the next day to get it, it wrinkles so easily but the style is so fantastic i almost don’t even mind. it reminds me of the nahm stuff that i saw at their new york presentation (click here for a recap), maybe less heavy in design and actual fabric but at least it wasn’t $1,000 (look at these saving savvy ways). this afternoon i’ll be at the free people event at the bay, love the brand and the bay downtown has been getting some really nice stuff, so come stop by and say hello if you happen to be in the area. photos by rb. xoxo 
ps. 3 more people till 400 followers. i will try to do something special again for the next 200 mark (remember my lanvin bath for 200? it’s still one of my favourite posts)

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  1. martiarti says:

    Niesamowita koszula:)!

  2. Great photos Ania. Looooove those shoes. See you tonight at Fabricated! 🙂

  3. Anula says:

    Those shoes look amazing !!

  4. miikax3 says:

    genialne koturny!!!

  5. margaret j says:

    fajny zestwik !

    Zapraszam do siebie margaret-j

  6. Ruda says:

    te buty cały czas mnie kuszą i nie mogę się zdecydować! wygodne? ;>
    cudna koszula!


  7. Bre says:

    That shirt is definitely a savy save and I love it!

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