i am so glad i came out to the nrt fashion show thrown at belgo last night by my friends tomi and carmelina. first of all i am so hard to drag out of the house. such a hermit, by 9 o’clock i get tired, truly an 80 year old trapped in 25 year old’s body, or maybe it’s the diet. should i even be saying this? now i’m embarrassed. anyway it was a great night out, sometimes a random crowd, but also loads of friends and people from the industry (as i shall refer to it now). my agency came out to support the girls in the show and i was so excited to actually watch a fashion show for once instead of being part of it, not that either has anything on the other, but it was just a nice change, and i scored myself a prime (seating) spot to take some photos. the clothes were very over the top, and for those who missed park show it was the perfect opportunity to see nicole’s collection. i feel like maybe the majority of attendees missed the point (it is calgary after all) but those who are interested in fashion for sure dug it. i can only say i can’t wait to shoot with some of the plastic pieces. so far the consensus has been that the black and white striped dress with the oversized turtle neck (aka photo #3) is the show stopper. personally i quite love photo #4, and the white straight jacket totally appeals to me. and in some final great news, alberta fashion week is back on this season, may 16th to may 21st and the venue is fantastic, it will be at the alberta ballet nat christie centre, definitely something to look forward to. so save the date my lovelies! xoxo

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  1. Ruda says:

    stanowczo miło na to popatrzeć 🙂

  2. Ania B says:

    naprawde fajne projekty, szczegulnie jak na takie konserwatywne miasto jak calgary. ciesze sie ze sie podoba 🙂

  3. Lilylove says:

    podobają mi się te projekty!

  4. Tinophoto says:

    Love it!
    Tony Chan

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fugoy asks: where is Edward with his hands???

  6. Great Shots you got from the show. I sadly missed it knowing how amazing Nicole would have put on a show. LOVE seeing Calgary’s fashion scene emerge with the more risky fashion forward designs. So much talent here and we are all only just getting started.

    Takes one to stand out and then others will start to emerge more out of their shell.

    Great blog Ania.

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