i have been working with bellissima for quite some time, both modeling and blogging for the company. i just want to say right off the bat that this is in no way a paid post nor is it in any way affiliated with bellissima. i am doing this on my own, knowing that it’s ultimately for a good cause, trying to spread the word. they have recently pitched a facebook initiative to help raise money for japanese disaster relief. it has gotten mixed responses (more so from one person in particular, who shall for the time being remain unnamed). in a grand scheme of things this is a great opportunity to raise some money for the relief efforts and all you have to do is click your mouse, many people will not donate money themselves so this is a great way to give everyone that extra push and/or incentive to take part. to whoever says that this is a cheap way of advertising i say this: bellissima is a small western canadian brand who is trying to find itself in a saturated market of clothing retailers, they want to reach out to their audience, yes donating money is a self-less act, but they could use $3,000 for actual advertising,  instead they are giving it to doctors without borders, they could also not even bother with any of this in the first place and i think until you donate $3,000 to a charity and stay quiet about it (or refuse your tax write off) i don’t think that it’s anyones’ place to judge or criticize the way these guys are going around it, so shouldn’t YOU feel guilty for having an opportunity to pitch in and knowing you didn’t? who’s the bad guy now? on that cheery note, please help out and let’s all make this one count. love you all. xoxo
p.s. park is also working on helping japan. we did a photo shoot for the event invites last night, i wish i had some behind the scenes shots to show you. it was one of the funnest shoots. you will get to see the results very shortly as the event is just around the corner.

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