(zara leather jacket and skirt, h&m denim shirt, pins and needles bra, steve madden boots)
i was watching jimmy kimmel live and jake gyllenhaal was talking about the graffiti artist bansky, and something about him getting a very hard to find bansky print. whatever, the point is that this inspired me to go take photos by or very own bansky-esque wall in inglewood. of course contrary to bansky’s work this one is not spray painted. it’s actually a piece of paper glued onto a wall, how it stayed up all this time, through our awfully long winters and snow storms is anyone’s guess, it’s kind of lame really. but here we are, all inspired. i was waiting for the weather to get warmer to take photos of this outfit, i am sure you can guess why that is, but to hell with it, if i was waiting for spring to actually come i’d be waiting till next year. so since this is the first time i heard of this artist (shame on me?) you all get to experiance this discovery with me. so the rumor has it (as per jake gyllenhaal) that bansky puts up about 300 prints every year on his site up for grabs, for free. you better believe that i will be sitting at my computer now refreshing his site until i get one myself. can you imagine how much a print like that would sell for, if it’s indeed so rare. i sure hope ebay is wrong, because i just looked it up and  you can get one for $17.99, clearly must not be an original, and definately unsigned. pff! nothing but the best for me. i shall keep you updated about my hunt for bansky. until then keep your fingers crossed. for more bansky visit his website: xoxo

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  1. Pralinka says:

    jesteś genialna! nie mogę wyjść z podziwu.
    Jak wytrzymałaś na takim zimnie? 🙂

  2. kayaretro says:

    nieziemsko w tej spódnicy!!

  3. Ania B says:

    juz na serio nie moge wytrzymactej zimy, moja szafa jest gotowa na lato, przynajmiej wiosne a tutaj nic. mieszkam na arktyce cholera, jakby pogoda byla osoba to bym ja chyba zabila haha

  4. aaagata says:

    laaa, fenomenlanie wygladasz Aniu !

  5. Plosieq says:

    jestem oszołomiona zdjęciami jak i lookiem!

  6. CHESCA says:

    Fabulous!!!! Amazing skirt and jacket! Brrrr… <3

  7. miikax3 says:

    genialna stylizacja, zachwycam się!

  8. łał te zdjecia sa cudowne!
    wygladasz tak naturalnie, swiezo

  9. świetne zdjęcia i spódnica też 🙂

  10. Oooooo love this Ania!! You look just like Alice Dellal here…I thought for a second you actually shaved part of your hair (kidding). Hope all is going well for you.

    Meag xx

  11. Ruda says:

    cudowny zestaw! aż miło popatrzeć!
    cudny hmmm ‘mini top’ 😉

  12. Check out the docu: Exit Through the Gift Shop. Not entirely on Banksy and lots of talk around how authentic/genuine it is, but it is interesting nevertheless.

  13. tattwa says:

    zdjęcia mega…aż nie wiem co chwalić, bo całość jest super 🙂

  14. AHHHMAZING!!! your outfit and the Banksy! insane!! <3


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