i am loving these images that kara from park sent me. i am also really sad to be missing the show this year since i will still be in toronto. beautiful claire cormeau, with her new bad ass haircut may i add, posed for the show posters, the show itself is set for march 12th. sponsored by such recognizable names from calgary’s fashion scene like hedkandi, sophia models and conglomerate magazine, as well as international sponsors like heineken and smashbox it is guaranteed to be a great party. there will be an art exhibition, sample sale and of course a fashion show. madame wolf will be there, as well as nrt designs, emogene couture and many more. visit their website for more info and if you are going to be in town on march 12th definitely go and take part in such an important event for calgary’s fashion. park provides opportunities for designers and artists to showcase their work to the public through events such as these so let’s keep them coming people (and ultimately promote the talent to stay)!

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