i don’t usually think of myself as oblivious of what’s happening in the fashion world. so maybe i have slight tunnel vision, especially when it come to obsessing over certain things (alexander wang cough! cough!). the thierry mugler fall 2011 women’s wear fashion show did kind of ‘creep up on me’. mainly because of the media surrounding the whole gaga collaboration, which, to unleash the critic inside me, was the only way the collection would have gotten this much press to begin with (additionally to lady gaga purchasing every piece of it-via and her debuting her next single from her upcoming album, which in turn, btw is worth a listen, to those interested). because it HAS been so overly talked about on many blogs i feel it is my blogging duty to not fall behind and because i have been so absent from here for so many days (again, the weather is solely to blame) i wanted to share with you what’s been on my radar as of late. take a look at the video below (courtesy of youtube… and a couple facebook friends)… and maybe i want one of those sheer tops (i’m pretty sure i saw one like it at bellissima last season…) 

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  1. I feel meh about this collection and agree with you on the Gaga front. -Angela

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