i have so much unpacking to do still, re-packing really as i’ll be filling the suitcase again in just under two weeks, that i haven’t even had time to think about clothes or shopping. my asos sweater came in the mail, unfortunately for me, my abnormally long arms don’t exactly accommodate for the length of the sleeves. it will be a short lived amusement for sure. by a fluke rob and i ended up with matching sweaters, one that i bought for him in new york at brooklyn industries looks almost exactly the same (minus the slits and his sleeves are actually long enough). but don’t worry, you won’t be seeing us sporting them together anytime soon. it’s been so freezing cold here that it’s impossible to take outdoor photos anymore… at all. there is no way i will sacrifice myself THAT much. 25 in one short week, i have to start taking care of myself now after all. so i really apologize for the super close ups. you don’t even want to know what a circus of a day it ends up being when i have to take photos inside somewhere. i hate winter with a passion. seriously, i clench my fists at you… GO AWAY already!

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  1. gorgeous! i love this blouse 🙂

  2. great outfit…your look is beautiful!!!

  3. Great outfit…great blouse…lovely shots and post!

  4. You are so stylish!!
    love this blog so much♥

  5. Beti says:

    świetne zdjęcia 🙂

  6. Gorgeous girl, was it intentional that the sunlight cuts through just like the sleeves of the shirt? I bet it was…

  7. Jennifer says:

    you look amazing in these pictures. i love the detailing on your shirt & im with you about the winter i want it to go away asap!

  8. Peyton says:

    jesteś przepiękna..

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