i’m finally getting around to posting some of my fashion week photos. i really wanted to do it before new york fashion week was over, afterwards it would kind of lose its charm i think. lionel, who i was staying with and allie toohey, his partner in crime on this project, designed the logo for nahm, a collaboration between alexandria hilfiger  and nary manivong. lionel graciously invited us to view the presentation with him, because truth be told (and really not trying to be biting the proverbial hand that feeds me) even after meeting the designer pair i don’t think they cared to remember who we all were. the most fabulous part of it all were the calgarians. even in such a huge city canadians seem to find each other with no trouble (in the last photo: lael osness, ania b, lionel cipriano and allison toohey) . their collection was basically a spin on the shirt dress. the clothes all looked quite fantastic and definitely something i can see myself wearing… all the time, though maybe not at their suggested price point, especially that i could run across the street and get myself a similar jem at h&m, which is exactly what i did, because how many times can you really reinvent the shirt dress (thanks broke & beautiful). you can view more of the collection on or by clicking here
p.s. the tallest blonde model in the long sleeved dress… is a boy. just thought i’d share, because i couldn’t stop staring after i found out.

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  1. So great, so well written 🙂 so charming Ania xoxo

  2. Ania B says:

    thanks garrett, i tried googling him but i couldn’t find the name. he’s incredibly gorgeous isn’t he. i’m so jealous lol

  3. so in love with your blog, i just spent the past half hour on it instead of studying!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fugoy says: Holly Cow!!! Is it a boy who is a boy or a boy who “is” a boy but really is a girl?????

  5. Aldina says:

    Great photos!
    I found your blog via Meagan’s last post.
    Yeah, Andrej Pejic is great…I used to think he was a girl.

    Cirlce of Design Fashion Illustration

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