i made it home. what would a treck back home be without running through airports trying to make connections and bags full of fragile gifts breaking in the middle of it all. the good news, and really the most important is that my luggage made it safely with me, which as all canadians will tell you, doesn’t happen often on air canada. my new york posts will be kind of out of order, but i thought this one fit perfectly with the mood of the day. after all, what better to celebrate valentine’s day than to share some of the photos i took at the marc jacobs store for their collaboration with playboy. playboy bunnies will be greeting guests at the bleecker street in new york until february 18th. the bunnies wear authentic bunny costumes from the vault (so as to give you the true playboy experiance). additinally you can score some playboy energy drinks, tshirts and a limited edition coffee table book sold at the store as well as at the bookmarc store across the street. not to mention all the other great knick knacks you can pick up at the marc store. the profits from the shirts will go to support the designers against aids foundation. so if you are still in new york, treat yourself this valentine’s day. the lovely meagan from travel write draw joined me for this adventure (that’s us with the bunny in the first photo) and what a pleasure it was to meet such a great source of inspiration as well as making a good friend. i hope to go back many times and spending some quality blogger to blogger time with her in the future. xoxo

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  1. aaagata says:

    happy valentine’s day!!

  2. Tony Wang says:

    it was so great meeting you too! thanks for the compliments and love the photos of you and those that you take! you have a real eye for aesthetics!

    have a great rest of FW and keep in touch!

  3. ANIA <3!!!! Sending you SO much love gorgeous girl. I’m so beyond touched. Happy to know you made it home safely with all your new goodies. Much more quality time to come for sure 🙂 and happy belated valentine’s day xoxo

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